AASO Mission

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide a safe non-discriminatory place for AmerAsian children to receive an equitable education and opportunities while improving their self esteem by creating an AmerAsian community …

Secondary Priorities:
1. Make sure parents who really need us can come to our school even if they need financial help.

2. Provide not only bilingual education but bi-cultural education.

3. Prepare for higher education.

4. Above average education at every opportunity.

アメラジアンスクール・イン・オキナワは、アメラジアンの子どもたちに、安全かつ平等に学習する権利が保障された環境づくりに努め、互いに助け合い、自らの持つルーツに誇りを持つことができる事を目的とし、そのためアメリカとアジアの両言語・両文化を等しく尊重し、英語と日本語によるダブルの教育を行います。 アメラジアンスクールは、小学校・中学校課程(義務教育課程)の子どもたちへ、高等教育への進学のために必要な教育を行います。

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Established in 1998 by mothers in need of a school for the education of children who are both American and Japanese.

AASO is:
A Non Profit Organization.
Approved by the Japanese Board of Education.
Affiliated with local public schools.

(We report students’ attendance and academic record to their registered public schools. When they graduate they are free to go into the local public school system or to any other school.)



General info

AASO teaches 1st-9th grades. We try to have Pre-K and Kindergarten classes when enrollment is sufficient.
Our school hours are Mon-Friday 8:30-15:30
Before and after school care is also offered for a moderate fee if needed.


<対象年齢> 4才~6才 幼稚園クラス 7才~14才 初等教育及び中等教育クラス
<授業時間> 月~金曜日 8:30~15:30


The classes are a mix of American style curriculum and Japanese style curriculum. We strive to have native English speaking teachers and native Japanese speaking teachers in the classrooms. We give most classes in English in Elementary and slowly add more Japanese classes in junior high.


<授業内容> 英語圏出身の教師による英語での授業が基本です。 日本語の授業は、日本人教員により、公立中学校の国語教科書に基づいて行われます。




  • Registration Fee 15000JYen
  • School Shirts 2600JYen
  • Insurance Fee 1850JYen 1 time a year
  • Materials Fee 3 times a year 2500JYen
  • Parent's Association Fee once a year 1000JYen
  • Monthly Tuition 31000JYen
  • 登録料:15000円
  • スクールシャツ:2600円
  • 年間保険料:1850円(年一回徴収)
  • 教材費として、年に3回2500円
  • 保護者会(一人):1000円(年1回徴収)
  • 授業料: 1人:31,000円
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Before/After School Care


  • After School Care is 5000 JYen per month
  • Before School Care is 2000 JYen per month
  • Both include a snack and a safe environment
  • Volunteers also occasionally do activities with students
  • After school care is from the end of school until 6pm
  • Before school care is from 7:00am until 8:00am
  • 放課後; 授業終了時より午後6時まで 1人:5000円
  • 始業前; 午前7時から午前8時まで 1人:2000円
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Payment Methods


  • 1. Cash by Tuition Envelope
  • 2. Auto withdrawal from Japanese Bank
  • Bank Fees and late Fees apply
  • 1.現金支払( 授業料封筒 )
  • 2.銀行自動振替
  • 事前に手続きが必要で、銀行手数料および代行手数料がかかります
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