AmerAsian School Internship ProgramTentative


The purpose of the program is to provide talented individuals with valuable work-experience opportunities on a volunteer basis.  This exchange will provide volunteers with beneficial on the job training, while improving the talent and atmosphere at the school. 



The internship will last for three months, beginning in the second month of a new school semester.









Merit for school

1 It can have the talent’s pool. The school can more certainly employ excellent school personnel by the school’s becoming accustomed spending time.

2 It becomes a business of the talent promotion with public interest. It is possible to contribute to the society by making the best use of the characteristic of the AmerAsian school.


Merit for teacher

1 It can have the candidate of the supplementary teacher.

2 It is possible to look back on my work by promoting the intern as a mentor, and to do the chance to receive a new idea from the intern.


Demerit for school

1 Preparation is necessary at the time of introduction such as the training, a coordinate to intend for the staff of a school.

2 People increase in the small office.


Demerit for teacher

1 The labor which raises an intern takes in early stages of an intern. It is possible to make the intern do some work at latter term. However, because mentor has the responsibility of work should guide the intern, and do assistance or work over again.