Most of the volunteers support us with Japanese Classes, however we have more areas we need support in.  Here is the list of different areas volunteers support us in.


Rules of Conduct for Volunteers


1)               We understand that as volunteers we will work wholeheartedly at AASO with no remuneration. 

2)               On the days you will be absent, we would really appreciate it if you would notify us three days in advance. 

3)               Please ask permission when you want to bring friends or visitors. 

4)               We ask you to please respect the school rules while creating a learning atmosphere for the children at AASO. 

5)               In the case of research reports or thesis, please ask permission if you want to interview a child, teacher, or volunteer. A formal written request for such must be made to the school and approved in advance. 

6)               We ask of you to respect the children's privacy.  Anything seen or heard on school grounds including the children's names, addresses, etc. should not be disseminated without the official permission of the school.  Please refrain from taking pictures of the children.   

7)               Anyone wishing to take the children off school grounds must submit a formal written request two weeks in advance. 

8)               We ask for all volunteers to use good judgment in their dress.  This means no tank tops for men or women.  If possible please wear shirts with sleeves.  Also, please do not wear clothing with offensive graphics or messages on them.  As volunteers you have committed to enhance the educational opportunities of the children at AASO. 

9)               If your conduct is deemed unsatisfactory by school staff, then the school has the right at anytime to terminate the agreement.  Please understand that this must be done to maintain a professional yet enjoyable atmosphere at the school.  Should issues arise, the school also reserves the right to review any situation on an as-needed basis. 

10)            Every month we will give a monthly schedule, however there is a possibility the schedule will change.  If that happens we will contact you by E-mail or phone.